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Bizware Online Applications, Inc. started 20 years ago as a handful of programmers writing custom software for database applications. In 1995, we switched all programming activities from the desktop to the internet. That year, we produced the first online database application in the commercial sector with over 10,000 searchable records.

Since then, we have designed over 300 websites, mostly the backend programming. In 2003, we fielded a collection of online software tools under the WebTeam brand name. Several of them became the foundation for eTaskBoard.

Starting in 2004, Bizware began to transition to a virtual workforce. Employees started to work from home more, with increases in productivity, faster responses to customer needs, and an increased dedication to meeting deadlines. The most pervasive result was a change in corporate culture from an efforts-based organization to a results-based one. We were no longer aware of when a programmer showed up or how hard they worked, only the timeliness and quality of their work product.

I used to "manage by walking around". Writing clear tasks and then managing those tasks has made me a better manager.
      — Peter Shikli, Bizware CEO

Our fear never materialized that employee loyalty would falter. Good people stayed because we found we could treat them with respect over the internet, just as we did in person. In fact, the new arrangement demanded it. They knew what was required and were in charge of their own time and effort to achieve it.

As we expanded in 2006, we added staff through our virtual workforce culture, which by then was a well-oiled machine. We found specialists and dedicated programmers wherever they were and now have a presence in three States in the US, as well as Egypt, Hungary, India, Romania, and Russia.

Also in 2006, we integrated several WebTeam tools into OutsourceMeister, a complete online application to manage an outsourced or virtual workforce. OutsourceMeister is designed for corporate clients, primarily managing outsourced software programmers. OutsourceMeister is the tool we use to manage our own outsourcing.

In 2007, we realized the outsourcing community needed an application of their own, an application that could manage a community of workers available for outsourcing. Thus was born eTaskBoard. The workers could be programmers, but just as easily any group of workers grouped by skillsets, geography, or by a government award to generate work for them.

The initial, formative application for eTaskBoard is to field a virtual workforce of Native Americans in Alaska under the direction of Anthony Caole. We expect to see other groups of workers joining the virtual workforce within the next 12 months as separate eTaskBoard implementations.

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