Employ or Task?

Whereas a conventional employer - employee relationship is great for many situations, assigning tasks across the internet is growing beyond all projections. The occasional telecommute has grown into the virtual workplace — not just to save money, but to do work better. As workers get further from managers used to looking over their shoulders, managers are learning to assign tasks — and discovering a more effective management style.

Below are a few specific reasons to prefer tasks if you are a:
  1. First thing to remember is that you are probably no longer an employer if you issue tasks. You are probably a contractor*. You stop paying for effort and pay for results.

  2. If you are a contractor, you no longer have to collect or pay state or federal payroll withholding taxes or to pay the costs or fines related to them.

  3. Instead of a lengthy interview process, you assign a task and immediately see if the worker can deliver.

  4. No need to relocate a worker. They can get to work where they are.

  5. You've heard of how cost-effective outsourcing can be. This is how you get started

  6. If you have some temporary or seasonal work to do, and don't need the headaches of hiring or firing, eTaskBoard gets the job done.

  7. We've all made mistakes hiring. Would you like to fix such a mistake by simply not assigning any more tasks?

  8. Have you come across an outstanding job candidate? While your competitors are still scheduling interviews with them, immediately offer some starter tasks. That gets them on your team right now. You get to check out their work product, and gain the time to transition them to a career job.

  9. Had your fill of employee lawsuits from unlawful termination, sexual harassment, imaginary workplace injuries, emotional cruelty, etc? It's hard to get sued by a contractor on the other end of eTaskBoard.

  10. Do you need a collection of specialists to task for those surprise projects? Collect a tested bunch on eTaskBoard — ready to jump on your project.

  11. Add up the cost of employee infrastructure, from office space, lunch rooms, to HR departments, and calculate the savings of telecommuting workers to your operating expenses.

  12. If you need on-site work done specific to a location, you may not need to send someone. Task locals instead. If you need English translated to French, task a Frenchman who knows English. If you need internet research on Alaskan fish canneries, task an Alaskan working at a fish cannery.

  13. If you are a manager seeing the shortcomings of "management by walking around", especially when you wish to instill a take-charge attitude, consider how tasking may make you a better manager. It will force you to write clear instructions, or to rewrite them once you read that you are asking for the illogical or the ineffective. It will force you to think in terms of objectives, and not micromanage your workers on how to achieve them.
  1. Dead end job? We have a cure that is better than quitting. Start doing tasks in the area you want to grow into. Then transition when you see the income stream replace the dead end job.

  2. Do you have an underutilized skillset or interest? A new direction you'd like to explore? Try a few tasks and see how it feels before making a commitment.

  3. Are you disabled and can't easily do the 9-to-5? No one can see your disability across eTaskBoard, nor can they hold you back because of it.

  4. Are you retired with years of experience? Would you like to keep your edge without a full-time job?

  5. Are you a housewife with kids or other commitments that keep you at home? eTaskBoard lets you stay in the game without sacrificing the family.

  6. Are you a student learning something new and exciting, chomping at the bit to apply what you're learning? Stay in school and let eTaskBoard give you a taste of what's ahead.

  7. Are you in an economically disadvantages section of the country, but don't want to move to the big city where the jobs are? Start earning a living where you want to live.

  8. Want a 3-month vacation when you want it? Work tasks 9 months out of the year.

  9. Want to work from Maui or the Matterhorn? Most tasks are assigned without regard to your location. All it takes is a laptop with a wireless connection.

  10. Are you pitching a new project to your boss but can't get a green light? Package your idea into a collection of tasks with clear deliverables and not-to-exceed hours of your after-work time. Your boss will see a clear boundary to his exposure, and no disruption to ongoing business. And you may see a few extra dollars and the green light.

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