What Makes Us Unique

The part where eTaskBoard matches workers to employers is similar to how online dating services work. Job boards are as old as newspapers, and popular websites like Monster.com have brought them to the internet.

Consider the process employers follow to make a career hire:

  1. They interview several candidates, the succeeding candidate many times and with several employees.

  2. They make an offer, and usually negotiate salary, benefits, and such.

  3. They usually have a probationary period of one or more months during which the employee is expected to grow into the corporate culture but not reach peak effectiveness.

  4. If the employee came through a placement service, the employer pays a fee several times the employee's monthly salary.

Such expenses, management time drain, and workplace disruption can be justified when hiring a full-time employee with an expectation of years of work. No form of that can be justified when contracting a task which may have only a few hours authorized.

eTaskBoard was designed with the uncompromising premise that employers must be able to contract a typical task with less than half an hour of their time. That includes writing the task description, evaluating a few responses, awarding the task, and receiving the work product. Without that, employers would not use any task board.

eTaskBoard achieves this through a collection of integrated automation tools, and like a symphony conductor, a Coordinator at the center of everything. Online tools automate the matching process up to the point where Coordinators see the best few matched workers to a task. Coordinators uses their familiarity with the workers, the intricacies of the task, and their human judgement to make the final match. Other online tools automate the management of the task until the task is complete.

So why doesn't eTaskBoard automate everything and do away with the Coordinator? Human beings are too complicated to fit canned programming logic. Coordinators may usually agree with eTaskBoard's first pick in most cases and be done with most matches in seconds, but when they don't, they add great value to the system. They may spot a worker misrepresenting his capabilities. They may spot a task description so vague that no one could do it well. They may realize the task description and the skillsets requested by the employer do not correspond.

Coordinators convert an 80% successful match to 95%, and that is important to employers and workers. An employer who gets a few poor matches will not return to eTaskBoard.

There are many online job boards and many online ways to match people. There are several online task management software tools. We know of no online software application that integrates that and several other online tools into an online task board with a human Coordinator insuring quality.

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