eTaskBoard is an online software application that manages a task-based relationship between workers and employers (actually contractors). The software is a collection of modules, many available as stand-alone software.

The diagram below shows how the modules interact. The thick lines show the relationship between software modules, and the thin lines the relationship between people. You can move your mouse over a module for a quick definition, or click on it for a more complete description.

Click a module for info about that module. Software to send email bulletins to workgroups. Online knowledge base containing background information to do tasks. Software that produces reports about tasks, and exports that to common formats. Online calendar to keep due dates in mind. Software that tracks a worker's account and issues payment checks. Actually contractors, they post tasks and manage their account. Software employers can use to assign repetitive tasks. Software to manag what tasks are assigned, to whom, how much is done, etc. Software that workers may use to track how many hours they work on a task. Workers who are assigned tasks and get paid for completing them. Tracks an employer's financial account, such as deposits, payments, etc. The person who makes the final matches between workers and employers. Online database managing the skillset records of each worker. Software that allows tests to be designed and administered online Teachers, professors, guidance counselors, etc.

The process flow for workers is:

  1. Provide information for Skillset Database, and optionally to Test Manager
  2. Get work availability inquiry from Coordinator, and possibly a task referral
  3. Accept a task
  4. Get authorization from employer (contractor) to do the task
  5. Complete the task, optionally using the Time Clock
  6. Task fee added to worker's account
  7. Receive monthly payments for all tasks completed

The process flow for employers is:

  1. Open an account with a refundable deposit to pay future tasks
  2. Enter proposed task or use task templates for repetitive tasks
  3. If desired, enter specifications, background info, project info, etc. into knowledge base to support tasks
  4. Receive worker candidates from Coordinator
  5. Accept (or reject) candidates 5.)
  6. Get notified of task acceptance from candidate
  7. Authorize task via online form
  8. Accept work product of completed task
  9. Fee to pay task removed from deposit account
  10. Get cumulative reports of all tasks assigned

The process flow for trainers and teachers is:

  1. Review reports of tasks being posted to see which skillsets are in demand
  2. Train to match skillsets in demand
  3. Guide students to best present themselves in Skillset Database
  4. Develop tests for the Test Manager
  5. Get task performance feedback on students

The process flow for the Coordinator(s) is:

  1. Establish and monitor skillsets needed that can be delivered via the eTaskBoard
  2. Promote to workers (and employment support organizations) to signup into the Skillset Database
  3. Promote employers (contractors) to submit tasks
  4. Match workers to tasks and employers to workers
  5. Educate eTaskBoard users
  6. Suggest eTaskBoard automation opportunities

Note that a Coordinator is often a specialist within a market segment, such as language translation, software development, research report writing, etc. The Coordinator will deal with workers and employers within that specialty, and modify the above process flow as needed.

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